Wine vinegars

Egocalo I
Acidity of vinegars identified with the Egocalo I logo accounts for minimum 6% an imposed by the regulations in force. They do not include any alcoholic residue and are freshly processed. Their taste is clean, neutral, less invasive and highly acid. They can be used for whatever vinegar is required for.
Egocalo II
The acidity level accounts or is higher than 7%. They do not include an alcoholic residue and they are freshly processed. Their acidity is consistent and their taste clean, fresh and neutral. They are highly concentrated vinegars, suitable to be used in kitchen and for neutral marinades. Use small quantities to a season, even though they are not aromatically covering. They can be matched with ripe oils, not pickled but strong, with spices and flavours.
Egocalo III
They are left maturing for a medium time period. Mildly acid, their taste is slightly winy, with the typical vinegar and aromatic tastes. Their low acidity accounts for 6% and the alcoholic residue is light. They are suitable for roasted meat, marinades and meat hanging in mature. They are balanced when used to season mixed salads, boiled potatoes and veggies, if matched with delicate slightly pickled oils.
Egocalo IV
Vinegars whose acidity accounts for more than 6.5%, keeping a slight alcoholic residue. They ripen for a medium time period. They exhibit a rather acid taste, but with consistent perfumes and tastes, well characterised and with wine reflexes. They are generally used for roasted meat, grilled beef and fish cooked in an oven. They can be used to hang in mature or dress game. White vinegars are best for salt water big-size fish marinades. It is advisable to match with perfumed and strong oils, besides pickled spices and vigorous herbs.
Egocalo V
Acidity higher than previous levels and without alcoholic residue. Their aromatic taste is strong and acid as well, with no wine shade. Egocalo V is fresh, aromatic and summer dressings. They are suitable to dress season vegetables or to be used for light vinaigrette.
Egocalo X
Their acidity is higher than previous levels but suitable, with a slight alcoholic residue. Typical flavour of vinegar, more complex and intense as depending on the original production wine. They are suitable for tartars, roast beef and white meat. They are be easily used to dress fish, mainly cooked in an oven, with fresh vegetables as well as with fresh and dried fruits.
Egocalo XV
The higher acidity of the products follows the marked wine table and flavours depending on a longer and intense ageing. Their consistent, round, velvet-like features depends on the vinegar tastes. Products suitable to dress complex salads, selected meat slices and precious fish. Vinegars coming from such grapes are not only used to dress a dish but also to wine, they come from, entirely changing the perfect table mix.
Egocalo XX
These are the highest classified vinegars, made with unique and precious raw materials besides undergoing a different ageing process, to improve their specific and selective flavours. They exhibit a high and unique organoleptic feature and round and dense tastes. They could be tested in purity as digestives. They dress fat or smoked fish, as salmon and dried salted cods or braised beef.
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