Veal meatballs with yellow tomato ketchup

Ingredients for 4 persons
300g minced veal
300g yellow tomatoes
1 blonde onion
1 egg
1 slice of old bread
2 tablespoons of honey
100ml Mengazzoli Organic Pomegranate Vinegar
100g brown sugar
1 carrot
1 celery stalk
80g breadcrumbs
1 bunch of parsley
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Salt to taste

Start by finely chopping celery, carrots and onion. Put it all in a saucepan with a trickle of oil and add the yellow tomatoes, a teaspoon of salt, the Mengazzoli Organic Pomegranate Vinegar and brown sugar. Adjust pepper and cook for 30 minutes. Once cooked, blend the mixture well and then let it cool.
In a bowl, add the minced meat, egg, bread crumbs soaked in water and well squeezed, a pinch of salt, pepper and chopped parsley. Once you have kneaded well, form with the mixture some meatballs (not too big), pass them successively in the bread and finally cook in a pan with hot oil.
Finish by adjusting the salt and serve with the yellow tomato ketchup.

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