Single-Wine Vinegar "Vitae"
Single-Wine Vinegar "Vitae"

Single-Wine Vinegar

We are willing to research, ensure quality, and offer peculiar characteristics to our products. This is why the Single-Wine range joined Mengazzoli product family in 2010. Imagining a scent, imagining a flavour - this is where we draw our inspiration from for our single-wine vinegars.

Wine vinegars generally are produced mixing different types of grapes. The single wine vinegars, therefore, offer grape and wine tastes and flavours which they originate from. They are consistent vinegars, with intense taste and flavour. Single wine vinegars by Mengazzoli ranked first on the 2009 and 2011 ranking of slow  and natural fermented wine vinegars in wood barrels.

The available variants of the products are the following: "BARBERA provincia di Pavia", "Cabernet Sauvignon TreVenezie", "Chianti", "Pinot Grigio dell'Emilia", "Pinot Nero provincia di Pavia", "Chardonnay Dell' Emilia", "Lambrusco Mantovano", "Merlot Veneto", "Malvasia Dell'Emilia", "Barolo", wines which stand out and make a customised single wine vinegar.

According to its internal classification, Egocalo, such vinegars are divided in XV e XX. They are suitable for artichoke and cabbage salads, added dried fruits. When used in cooking, they are suitable for braised red meat, game, roasts and dressings for big-size fish or chocolate desserts.
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