Organic Apple Vinegar

With the mother

Organic Apple Vinegar


The product is the result of the beneficail properties of both vinegar and Apple, thanks to a technical procedure capable of preserving the nutraceutical characteristics of the raw materials. The product is raw and not pasteurized with a traditional process that preserves the MOTHER OF VINEGAR a sediment with a cloudy appearance and a slightly darker color. Not being heat-treated is “raw”, with a fresh and smooth flavor.

Allergens: Absent
Acidity: 5%


Organic Apple vinegar with «Mother of Vinegar» produced in Italy
Origin of the Apples: Italy

We only use Italian Apples, to guarantee the maximum freshness of the raw material and the fullness of its nutraceutical qualities and its beneficial characteristics. The apples indeed are rich in water and fiber, and also contain a good amount of vitamin C. Furthermore, apples are rich in mineral salts, including iron, calcium and magnesium. They are the ideal fruit to fight cholesterol and are allies of who practice sport, without forgetting the strong antioxidant properties, which make this fruit ideal to hinder aging.

Trasformation site: 
Levata di Curtatone (MN), via della Costituzione 41/43.
Packaging site: Borgo Virgilio (MN), via Fogazzaro 339.


Product: Organic Apple Vinegar
Certified inspection body by MIPAAFT IT BIO 014
The apple vinegar is obtained from 100% natural, fresh and whole Apples.

The production process complies with law 238 of 12 December 2016for vinegars, the EU Reg. 1169/2011, the EC Reg. 834/2007 and 889/2008.
Operator responsible for the Product n°628.

Certificate of Conformity n° 00052/00628/019/09 of 4th July 2018.
Operator responsible for the Packaging n°11043.
Certificate of Conformity n° 00607/11043/313/09.
The product meets the applicable requirements of UNI EN ISO 22005:2008.
Batch number: T9035-19
Ingredient: Organic apple cider
The concentrated juice is obtained from organic fruit by means of mechanical procedures. The complete process (each step of the procduction) is described by taking into consideration the HACCP (852/2004/EC) and meets the requirements of  Good Manufacturing Practice, including the quality controls and the complete traceability.
Certified inspection body: NL-BIO-01.
Multiresidue Reports:
- Multiresidue analysis of conformity: AR-17-FJ-022274-03.
- Multiresidue analysis of conformity: P2018102059 of 17° January 2018 in conformity with the Regulation 1881/2006/CE.
Fruit: Apple.

Our company guarantees that the product is obtained without the use of genetically modified materials, both as raw materials and as processing aids.
The product is obtained from the whole fruit, 100% natural and fresh and is not modified or altered by means of no food additive or non-authorized process. 
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