Pork shank with apples and Balsamico di mela

– 1 (or 2) pork shins with rind
– 1 small onion, one rib celery, one carrot
– 4 annurche or renette apples
– Extra virgin olive oil
– 1 ladle of properly salted broth
– 6 tablespoons of – Apple Vinegar – Apple Balsamic Vinegar Mengazzoli
Fry the onion, celery and chopped carrots in a deep saucepan containing the shin. Add a little broth and, when it is boiling, the shank. Cover and let it simmer slowly, pouring the broth from time to time until the shank is cooked.
Take it out of the casserole. Strain the bottom to eliminate the vegetables and, after having shrunk it like a not too thick syrup, salt it and pour six tablespoons of BALSAMIC APPLE VINEGAR.
Place the shin in an oven dish that contains it together with the apples cut into slices and brush it with vinegar sauce. Place the baking pan in a hot oven at 180°C until the apples are cooked and the shank browned. Halfway through cooking, remove the preparation, turn the shank and brush it.
Bring it to the table in the baking pan and split the shank and apples among the diners, sprinkling with the sauce.
A rich preparation that takes advantage of the soft inner texture of the rind, browned only in the final stage, so that it is only crunchy on the outside. The combination with sweet and acidulous apples is a classic that the BALSAMIC APPLE VINEGAR is intended to exalt so that the preparation becomes much more stimulating and digestible.
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