Onions served with single wine vinegar, Merlot

Ingredients for 2 jars of preserves from 5 dl:
  • 750 g onions
  • 80 g sugar
  • 2 dl of Merlot
  • 2.5 dl vinegar wine Merlot I.G.T. Veneto
  • 6 thyme shoots
  • 4 laurel leaves
  • 2 cloves
  • 1 spoon of black pepper, in grains
Preparation of the pickled onions with wine vinegar, produced with Merlot.

Peel the onions. Caramelise sugar in a wide pan. Wet with single wine Merlot I.G.T. Veneto vinegar and mix until sugar melts. Add onions and let boil for about five minutes. Add the single wine vinegar, produced with Merlot I.G.T. Veneto, thyme, laurel, clovers and pepper.

Keep on cooking for 5 minutes. Then pour the boiling onions in well-washed vases, with hot water and immediately seal. Put the vases upside down, cover with a cloth and wait until the plugs clutch. Let then cool.

Tag:  I.G.T.vegetarian dishes

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