Millefeuille of veal slices breaded and puntarelle salad

Ingredients for 4 persons
400 gr of veal slices
4 eggs
Panko breadcrumbs
clarified butter
200gr of puntarelle
1 clove of garlic
Apple vinegar - Mengazzoli apple balsamic vinegar
3 anchovy fillets
extra virgin olive oil

Start the recipe by cooking the bluefin tuna fillets in a pan, 1-2 minutes per side or otherwise until the desired cooking time is reached.
Next, pour the soy sauce and the Apple Vinegar - Balsamic Vinegar into a small bowl, mix and complete it all by pouring in the extra virgin olive oil until you get a thick or frothy sauce.
Proceed by toasting the sesame seeds in a pan until they change colour and release their oil.
Once ready, use them to cover the previously cooked tuna loins.
Place the tuna tataki on the mixture of wild greens and complete the dish by sprinkling it with the prepared apple balsamic vinegar and soy sauce emulsion.

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