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Acetaia Mengazzoli, not just a place

Acetaia Mengazzoli in Mirandola, in province of Modena, is a place where memories are made and shared and where we take care of our most precious vinegar.

We have opened the doors of our home, where we feel protected and where we continue the art of "making vinegar", because we believe that authentic history needs to be shared more and more in order to keep on transmitting it.

The encounter with a territory that expresses its maximum territoriality through its symbols, a meeting between different experiences to get to know a world, that of vinegars, and remember its ancient tradition of creation and aging through barrels and batteries.

A precious alchemy of consolidated gestures and long-awaited patients of which our ancestors were capable and which we still rediscover today are essential for the production of Traditional Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP, authentic ingredients of the Italian culinary tradition.

In this location, full of memories and tradition it is possible to organize guided tours with tastings that complete the offer of this magnificent spot.

A fascinating place, adaptable to the most different uses within a soul that envelops you in the story of Vinegar.

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