East Lombardy 2017 – European Reagion Of Gastronomy

Is an international project created to improve the quality of life across European Regions, enhancing the local food and wine and the cross-country cooperation. The project was created as a local enhancement and international integration and exchange tool, thanks to the activity of an independent institute of coordination - IGCAT, International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism – along with nine founding nine regions. East Lombardy, the founding member of this international network, obtained this award for the year 2017 by starting the candidacy procedure back in 2014 and presenting the project in July 2015 in Barcelona to an international jury, which positively assessed both its goals and the shared strategies designed to promote food culture. The award achieved by East Lombardy is first of all a great chance to promote the local know-how and culture, thus meeting the tourists’ demand for quality products and authentic experiences. The main goal is to increase the positive perception of a destination, to deseasonalise tourism, to diversify rural economies creating a positive impact on economy, occupation and local heritage.
EAST LOMBARDY 2017 – EUROPEAN REAGION OF GASTRONOMY Official video by Simone Campanella
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