Duck with green pepper

Ingredients for 6 people:
  • 1 duck, about 2 kg
  • wine vinegar Cabernet Sauvignon I.G.T. Emilia
  • 40 g of butter
  • 3 cups of broth
  • 1 onion
  • 1 carrots
  • 1 small red pepper
  • 1 leg of celery
  • parsley
  • thyme
  • 1 spoon of green pepper in grains
  • salt
  • pepper
Preparation of duck with green pepper

Heat the butter in a pan and add the finely chopped onions. When transparent, add diced carrots, celery, parsley and thyme. Cut the duck, removing the head, neck and pawns. Add salt and pepper outside.

Inside stuff with three grains of green pepper, some butter, a pinch of salt. Rope with a white kitchen rope. Place in the same pan as the vegetables. Cover and put in an hot oven at 200°C for a quarter of an hour. Remove and place in a pan on the flame, wetting with a small glass of wine vinegar Cabernet Sauvignon I.G.T. Emilia.

Add broth and boil, cover once more and put back in the oven at 190°C for three quarters of an hour. If too dry, wet with some broth. Remove from the pan. Filter the cooking sauce, dilute with half a ladle of boiling water, pour in the pan and let it thicken.

Add the diced pepper and green pepper. Place the duck in the pan and back in the oven at 190°C for a quarter of an hour. Cut in pieces and cover with the sauce.

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