Caciocavallo with Pomegranate Vinegar

Ingredienti per 4 persone:
  • 300 gr of potatoes
  • 100 gr of smoked bacon or vegan bacon
  • 400 gr of Caciocavallo
  • Mengazzoli Pomegranate Vinegar
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 piece of rosemary

Boil the potatoes and then let them rest for 5 minutes, peel them and cut them into slices not too much thin. Brown the bacon cut into stripes in a pan with a little oil. Remove the bacon from the pan and let the potatoes brown with a piece of rosemary. Remove the potatoes and put the Caciocavallo cut into slices into the same pan, and simmer each slice with Mengazzoli Pomegranate Vinegar for a few seconds. Remove it from the heat before the cheese starts melting. Place the slices of Caciocavallo on the potatoes and place the bacon on top.

Tag:  vegetarian dishes

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