Apple Vinegars

As for apple vinegars, generally it is thought that there is one single product and one single table: a simple, non aggressive, dry and empty product generally present on the market and sold.

Mengazzoli, thanks to its  long-lasting experience in the production of vinegars and through the accurate selection of raw materials, offers any consumer a unique selection of apple vinegars, a real alternative to wine or Modena I.G.P. balsamic vinegars.

Amea apple vinegars are the result of the vinegar production technique, an explorative and search evolution looking for tastes, flavours, perfumes and sensations in a product which up to now was only mildly renowned.

The secret for the production of such vinegars depends on the traditional processing techniques, enhancing and exalting the raw material quality. Dynamic and static fermentations, interrupted or partial, maturations and dynamic ageing.
Amea II
The apple juice entirely ferments. It is the product exhibiting the most delicate, fresh and slightly sour taste. A light, half-dry taste makes it suitable for salads and marinades.
Amea V
The alcoholic fermentation of juice is partial. Apple perfumes stand out in a perfect mix of sweet, fruity and light, not pickled tastes, suitable for salads, but cold pasta and rice dishes too.
Amea X
The juice is only partially concentrated and alcoholic fermentation is not completed as well. The result is a mildly intense taste, persistent, strongly fruity, sweet, and fresh, with a consistent apple flavour.
It is perfect to dress strong salads, such as pod or dry fruit salads as well as grilled veggies. It is unique when diluted in natural or tonic water as refreshing and fitness drink.
Amea XV
In such a product too, the juice is only partially concentrated and alcoholic fermentation is not completed but differently from Amea X, maturation is carried out in barrels. Vinegar gets then its round, full, intense and persistent taste, nearly velvet-like recalling Modena I.G.P. balsamic vinegar. Besides seasoning grilled or steamed vegetables, it is perfect as broth when cooking game and sheep.
Amea XX
A complex apple vinegar, left historically fermenting in small wood barrels for a long time period. Its taste is intense and persistent, with sweet flavours, non acid, velvet-like and aromatically complex. It is the result of the perfect mixing between fruit freshness, wood tan and maturation taste. A spoon of Amea XX in the morning, before breakfast is a unique tonic and powerful drink. It can be served to accompany any dish but alone too, before a winter meal but at the end too as an alcohol-less digestive. It can be mixed in cocktails as in the refreshing “Ritardo” (Milano-Mantua) made with Campari and Amea XX as well
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