Organic Pomegranate Vinegar
Organic Pomegranate Vinegar



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The organic Pomegranate Vinegar Mengazzoli stands out for its taste sour fruity, and for the wealth of acetic acid, a natural substance that promotes good digestion.

This new vinegar comes from a wise manufacturing that maintains the characteristic taste of freshly harvested fruit and keeps unaltered its nutritional and beneficial properties.

The Fruit of Pomegranate is particularly rich in: antioxidants useful in fighting free radicals, vitamin C (only one pomegranate contains almost 20% of the daily needs of an adult man), vitamin K, vitamin B, potassium and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Among the most renowned pomegranate properties there are anticancer and anticoagulant agents useful in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Veal meatballs with
yellow tomato ketchup

Cous cous with cod ceviche
and Pomegranate vinegar

Product: Organic Pomegranate Vinegar
Certified inspection body by MIPAAF IT BIO 014
The pomegranate vinegar is obtained from 100% natural pomegranate juice, fresh from whole fruit. The juice is naturally fermented, with no food additives, and can be exclusively filtered with a mechanical system on ceramic membranes.
The production process complies with Law 238 of 12 December 2016 for vinegars, the EU Reg. 1169/2011, the EC. Reg. 834/2007 
and 889/2008, and the NOP Regulation Final Rule 7 CFR Part 205.
Operator responsible for the Product n° 628.
Certificate of Conformity n° 00052/00628/019/09 of 4th July 2018.
Operator responsible for the Packaging n° 11043.
Certificate of Conformity n° 00607/11043/313/09.
The product meets the applicable requirements of UNI EN ISO 22005:2008.
Batch Number: C1710244

Ingredient: Concentrated Pomegranate Juice
The concentrated juice is obtained from the organic fruit by means of mechanical procedures. The complete process (each step of the production) is described by taking into consideration the HACCP (852/2004/EC) and meets the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice, including the quality controls and the complete traceability.
Multi-residual analysis protocol N°: 51714309

Fruit: Pomegranate
The product is obtained from the whole fruit, 100% natural and fresh, and is not modified or altered by means of no food additive or 
non-authorised process. The product also complies with the Turkish Organic Farming Law n° 5262, the Reg. T.C. 27676/2010 and the AIJN – Code of Practice, Turkish Food Codex.
Certified inspection body TR-BIO-161.
Non-GMO Certificate of 3rd April 2018 in compliance with the Reg. 1830/2003/EC and 1829/2003/EC.
Country of Origin Certificate of 22nd November 2018; Area Orchards, Adiyaman. Country: Turkey.

According to D. Lgs. 196/03, the data collected will be used only to inform about the activities and initiatives of Acetificio Mengazzoli and will not be disclosed to third parties. The conferment of data is optional, but without personal information will not be possible to provide the services requested. The interested party may exercise its rights under Art. 7, D. Lgs. 196/03. The holder of the treatment is Acetificio Mengazzoli - Levata di Curtatone (MN), Italy.

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